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* No hiden charge, no false promises.

* MLDF education most trusted & reliable admisiion consultant process medical study in India, Bangladesh, Kyrgystan, Russia, Phillipines.

* We have only tie-up with good medical college with respect to good infrastructure, good faculty according to university results.

* We continuously tract India student and college management relationship.

* Our previous student gets support 365 days for life time.

Advisors Message

Since it’s inception the MLDF is doing an outstanding work. It has given priority to the minority students from Backwards areas and enrols a growing number of youths by the assistance of some others renowed national and international organizations to acquire the power of knowledge in the field of higher education. It is indeed the best way of imparting power of the powerless. The various meetings held by the foundation to expose the students to new ideas is a good begining in the direction of preparing and youth to meet the challenges of globalization. I am proud to have been closely associated with MR. Jehrul Khan and his associates who are full of energy,dynamism, vision and commitment to the MLDF.

Due to the shortage of medical institute in India and for so expensive matter every year a lots of students migrate to study medical science abroad. As being so many commercial educational consultancies for processing and many time they have been guided to a ordinary institute only for a big commission. For all these circumstances MLD Foundation have been working voluntarily since its establishment and helping the aspirant students to choose their respective course for a better career across india and abroad in best institutes





It gives me immense pleasure to learn that MLD Foundation ,a socio-economic NGO has been rendering yeoman’s service to the society since it’s inception specially in the field of education by providing scholarships to the poor meritorius students pursuing higher education.I have come to learn that the NGO is publishing the maiden issue of it’s mouth piece recntly which would highlight the activities of the NGO and create awarness in the society. I wish a grand success of the NGO in it’s mission in the days to come.





It has come to my knowledge that MLD Foundation has been carrying out commendable services for the poor and meritorious students of our society as well as the country by facilating them for admission in various professional, Technical and Medical programme throughout the country and abroad. I congratulate the office bearers of the foundation and hope that they will show more efforts and enthusiasm for the cause in the future days. I am sure their efforts will bear fruit and we will all proud of the great work, which they and their colleagues are doing. At last but not the least, I wish all the best.

I heartily thanks and congratulate MLD Foundation for it’s welfare activities to the society. I am very much pleased to know that this organization has been voluntarily working to reduce the mass illiteracy from the society and encouraging the poor students for higher studies with great contribution.throughout the country and abroad.





I am glad to know that the MLD Foundation a non goverment organization helping the meritorious and economically poor and needy students of the MLD Foundation to pursuing their higher education in both Medical and Technical branches in India & Abroad since last few years . In my view it is a great contribution to the society of the MLD Foundation . I wish the Foundation all success in every future steps.




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